Fluoron GmbH develops and manufactures ultrapure innovative biomaterials for retinal surgery. As well as innovative silicone oil tamponades that can remain in the eye for longer periods, Fluoron markets perfluorocarbohydrates and semifluorinated alkanes for intraoperative use.


Brilliant Peel Dual Dye8 Packshot-BrilliantPeel-Dual-Vial-Neu

  • Intense and selective staining of ILM, ERM and vitreous remnants
  • Fast sinking, maximized contact surface with tissue
  • Easy aspiration
  • Non-toxic
  • Physiological osmolarity
  • Without preserving agents

Brilliant Peel8 Packshot-BrilliantPeel-syringe-03-2015

  • Selective staining of the ILM
  • Negative staining of the ERM and of residual vitreous fragments
  • Quick and intensive staining due to the sinking of the dye
  • Biocompatible solution for identifying residual ILM fragments
  • Safe application due to the ergonomic syringe design

Vioron8 Packshot-vioron

  • Brilliant visualization of the anteroir lens capsule
  • Excellent distinction margin
  • Quick and easy application
  • Applicable to a variety of further indications,
    e.g. congenital cataract surgery

Siluron Xtra8 Siluron Xtra Liste

  • High resistance to emulsification
  • Short injection time
  • Good long-term tolerance
  • Excellent chemical purity
  • Available in syringes

Siluron 20008 Siluron 2000

  • Ultrapure silicone oil for intraocular application
  • Customized extensional viscosity
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect for small incisions
  • Available in syringes

Siluron 50008 Siluron 5000

  • For use with prolonged tamponades after surgical treatment of severe retinal detachments
  • Ultrapure
  • Terminally sterilized
  • Available in vials or syringes

Siluron 10008 Siluron 1000

  • For use as a prolonged retinal tamponade after successful retinal attachment
  • Ultrapure
  • Terminally sterilized
  • Available in vials or syringes

Heavy Silicone Oils

Densiron 688 Densiron 68

  • For temporary retinal tamponades after surgical treatment of severe retinal detachments
  • Heavier than water
  • For inferior retinal problems
  • Moderate viscosity

Temporary Tamponades

F-Octane8 Octane

  • Medical aid, e.g., for unfolding detached retinas, giant tears or trauma
  • Ultrapure
  • Density 1.76 g/cm3

F-Octane Plus8 Octane Plus

  • Medical aid, e.g., for unfolding detached retinas, trauma or laser coagulation
  • Ultrapure
  • Density 1.72 g/cm3

F-Decalin8 Decalin

  • Medical aid, e.g., for unfolding detached retinas, giant tears or trauma
  • Ultrapure
  • Density 1.93 g/cm3

Long Term Tamponades

Densiron® XTRA - Desiron Xtra"Heavier-than-water" endotamponade with exceptional features

  • Heavy silicone oil tamponade
  • Highly resistent against emulsification
  • Easy injectable
  • 25G compatible

Densiron® Xtra is used as a temporary tamponade after operative treatment of severe retinal detachment, particularly for:

  • Inferior and posterior retinal holes
  • Retinal detachments with giant tears
  • Retinal detachments with proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR)
  • Retinal detachments in cases of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR)
  • Traumatic retinal detachments


Other Products

F4H5® Wash Out - f4h5 WashoutYour perfect support liquid

  • Silicone oil wash-out solution
  • Cleaning of IOL
  • Easier removal of "Sticky oil"

Ultrapue F4H5® WashOut is a biocompatible solvent for removing silicone oil residue from the retina and for cleaning intraocular lenses after silicone oil tamponades.



EasyGases8 Bild Presse

  • Quick and easy application through sterile, pre-filled system
  • Safe usage because of precise, non-expanding mixture ratio in each syringe
  • No mix-up of gases due to colour coding









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