MACH2: Vitreous cutter with double-blade technique

Fast core vitrectomy and safe vitreous base shaving

Improved Surgery Routine

Due to the permanently open cutting window, the GEUDER MACH2 vitreous cutter features a constant and high flow for a fast core vitrectomy.

Minimized Traction

The flow, which is adjustable anytime in combination with the maximum cutting rate of 12,000 cpm minimizes the tractions at the vitreous base. In connection with the reduced cutting window-to-tip distance, the MACH2 vitreous cutter allows a safe vitreous body shaving.

Predictability = Control

The stable, cutting rate-independent flow leads to a predictable behavior of the mobile retina, controllable by vacuum or flow.

Perfect Complication Management

The constant and high flow provides an excellent holdability in cases of luxated lenses. The Long-lasting cutting blades crush the nucleus safely even during long surgery times. Thanks to the constant and high flow, the minimzed traction and improved control, the GEUDER MACH2 vitreous cutter is ideal in cases of traumata, bleedings into the vitreous cavity and retinal detachments.

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