Quantel Medical Ophthalmology Lasers: Easy Ret, Supra Scan, Vitra Multispot, Vitra monospot, Solutis, Optimus II, Optimus Fusion

Easy Ret

Easy Ret

577nm Fiber Technology Laser
SingleSpot, MultiSpot and MicroPulse®

  • Fiber laser technology: ELBATM laser cavity
  • 5 year warranty laser cavity
  • Fully Integrated design
  • Enhanced treatment options
  • Easy to use and learn laser

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Supra Scan

Supra Scan

The New Retina Laser Therapy
577 nm Multispot and MicroPulse® Laser

  • True yellow 577nm wavelength
  • Versatile multispot pattern scanning laser
  • MicroPulse┬« emission mode

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Vitra Multispot Laser

Vitra Multispot

532nm Multispot Laser
Retinal Photocoagulation

  • Green multispot laser for PRP
  • 5 patterns for a quick, simple and efficient laser treatment
  • Pattern-click control wheel

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Vitra Monospot Laser

Vitra Monospot

532nm Monospot Laser
Retinal Photocoagulation

  • 532nm monospot photocoagulator
  • Simple, intuitive and portable
  • Painting mode

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Your Glaucoma Laser Therapy
Adaptable SLT Laser

  • SLT Laser (selective trabeculoplasty - 532nm)
  • First-line or adjunct glaucoma therapy
  • Repeatable laser procedure
  • Portable, "clips-on" to slit lamp

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Optimus II

Optimus II

Cataract and Glaucoma Laser
1064nm Nd:YAG Laser

  • Integrated 1064nm Nd: YAG Laser
  • Compatible with the Quantel Medical Laser range
  • Combines with photocoagulators and SLT laser

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  Optimus Fusion

Optimus Fusion

Next Generation SLT/YAG Laser
Integrated SLT/YAG Platform

  • Advanced technology: dual-mode laser cavity, 532nm and 1064nm
  • Premium Optics: optimized for viewing the anterior and posterior segments
  • Blue-free illumination for improved visibility
  • Advanced design: small footprint for two powerful technologies

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