Ophthalmic Surgical Products

Bürki Monomanual Safe-lock I/A Tips

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Bürki The original Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration system

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Bürki The universal Bimanual Handpiece System / UBH

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Microkeratome Blades and Tubing

Applesurg supplies a rabge of Microkeratome blades that are system compatible and tubing with proper keratome fittings with moisture trap.

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PVA and Cellulose Sponge Eye Products

Specifically designed for LASIK & other delicate surgical procedures PVA and Cellulose Eye Spears are STERILE, lint-free and highly absorbent.

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Surgical Skin Marker with Ruler

Surgical Skin Marker with regular tip, scrub resistant Gentian violet Ink, Sterile and pPackaged with 15 cm Ruler.

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Ophthalmic Surgery Drapes

Applesurg supplies a range of Ophthalmic Surgery Drapes including drapes with incision and aperture, with irrigation puch, lasik eyelid drapes and strabismus drapes.

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Ophthalmic Cannulas

Applesurg supplies a range of Ophthalmic Cannulas including Retrobulbar and Peribulbar Needles, Anterior Chamber,  I/A Cannulas and Cortex Removal, Nucleus Removal, Irrigating and more.

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Ophthalmic Knives and Blades

Applesurg supplies a range of Ophthalmic Knives and Blades including Degree, Crescent/Spoon, Trapeziod Slit, Micro Incision, Slit Knives, IOL Knives, Micro Incision MVR and Precise Depth.

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Trephine Blades

Applesurg supplies a range of Trephine blades including Traditional Corneal Trephines, Non-Vacuum Trephine Punches, Trephine System and Components.

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Quality and compliance

Applesurg endeavors to provide products of the highest quality and compliance standards, to ensure the best options and outcomes for all patients. 

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